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Transform your online course creation with CourseFactory AI CoPilot – your dedicated AI-powered team ensuring speed, ease, and unmatched effectiveness.

CourseFactory AI CoPilot is the ultimate AI-powered assistant for online course creation, designed to revolutionize the process and make it 10 times faster and more efficient.
Whether you’re a teacher, trainer, or coach, CourseFactory’s team of AI agents will assist you every step of the way, from conceptualizing the course to generating engaging content and analyzing student feedback.

Ever imagined creating a course in a fraction of the time? CourseFactory AI CoPilot makes it a reality. Collaborate with our AI agents to bring your unique teaching vision to life, ensuring your personal touch remains intact. Every educator is unique, and so should be their courses.
With CourseFactory AI CoPilot, you will easily customize courses to resonate with your teaching style and your students’ needs. Craft high-quality courses in record time, ensuring alignment with learning objectives for an enriched learning experience.

Ready to redefine your course creation journey?
Experience the future with CourseFactory AI CoPilot:

– Harness AI-powered automation for 10x faster course creation
– Reach a global audience of translations of your course in multiple languages
– Collaborate seamlessly: Your vision, AI’s efficiency
– Enjoy the user-friendly interface designed with educators in mind
– Create your Digital Twin to automate your video production
– Effortlessly integrate and export courses to different LMS

Join us and be a part of the next generation of online education!

Tech Used:


Top Features:

  • Materials import
  • Course Description generation
  • Learning Outcomes generation
  • Course Structure generation
  • Quiz generation
  • Scenarios generation
  • Video generation
  • Course Translation
  • Course export
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