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🚀 Loyally: Boost customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.
Loyally is an all-in-one digital loyalty card platform designed to help businesses boost customer engagement, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. Our easy-to-use platform allows businesses to create and manage various types of digital cards, including Stamp, Reward, Membership, Discount, Cashback, Coupon, Multipass, and Certificate cards.

🎯 Business Pain Points Resolved
Loyally provides businesses with a powerful, user-friendly solution that addresses major pain points:
🔄 Customer Retention: Keep customers engaged and coming back with Loyally’s digital loyalty cards and FREE Unlimited targeted push notifications.
👥 Customer Acquisition: Expand your customer base without advertising costs through the referral sharing feature.
💰 Cost Reduction: Save on printing expenses with digital loyalty cards and reduce the need for additional hardware with our free scanner app and CRM.
🌳 Eco-Friendliness: Reduce your business’s environmental footprint by going digital.
🔒 Fraud Prevention: Prevent misuse of promotions with Loyally’s duplicate control feature.
⏱️ Time Efficiency: Choose from over 100+ ready-to-use card templates or create a custom design in just 5 minutes.
📊 Data-Driven Decision Making: Access data analytics and automation to make informed decisions for your business.
🎯 Customer Segmentation: Use the built-in CRM system to segment customers for targeted messaging and personalized offers.
🔏 Compliance: Stay GDPR and CCPA ready, ensuring your business meets privacy regulations.
🛠️ Customization: Select from 8 different card types to create the perfect loyalty solution for your unique needs.

📣 Enhance Customer Engagement with Unlimited Push Notifications
Loyally offers four types of unlimited push notifications to improve customer communication, engagement, and loyalty:
🤳 Manual Push Notifications: Displayed on customers’ phone lock screens and under “last updates” at the back of their cards. Send segmented messages based on factors such as the current number of uses, unused rewards, and the number of stamps.
🔄 Automatic Push Notifications: Set up recurring push notifications for various events. Options include sending feedback forms, custom messages, specified hours to send after a stamp/bonus has been earned, next visit reminders, and birthday congratulations.
🛠️ Customized Auto-Push Notifications: Create your own rules for push notifications by selecting events, setting the time after the event, and writing the message to be sent. Auto-push rules can be set for various events, such as card installation, coupon installation, review sent, referral added, card period expired, number of stamps/rewards/bonuses reached, number of rewards used, and status card upgrades.
📍 Location Push Notifications (Geo-Push): Send push notifications to customers within a 100-meter (330 feet) radius from the business location. Users within this radius can see the geo-push message on their lock screens.

🔑 Key Features
💳 Digital loyalty cards (Stamp, Reward, Membership, Discount, Cashback, Coupon, Multipass, Certificate)
📣 Unlimited push notifications (Manual, Automatic, Customized Auto-Push, Location)
🔄 Referral sharing for customer acquisition
🎯 Built-in CRM system for customer segmentation
📊 Data analytics and automation

🏆 The Loyally Advantage
✂️ Reduces costs by eliminating the need for printed loyalty cards
🔒 Minimizes fraud with duplicate control
🎉 Increases customer engagement with free unlimited push notifications
📈 Provides access to valuable customer data for informed decision-making
🔏 Ensures compliance with GDPR and CCPA

💡 Did You Know?
Businesses that use Loyally can increase sales by up to 220%. Embrace the power of Loyally’s digital loyalty solution and watch your business grow as you experience increased customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

🎁 Start Your Loyally Journey Today
There’s never been a better time to revolutionize your customer loyalty program with Loyally. With a wide range of card types, unlimited push notifications, and features that address the biggest pain points for businesses, Loyally is the ultimate solution for building customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Take advantage of the built-in CRM system for customer segmentation, data analytics, and automation to make informed decisions about your business. Stay compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations while reducing your environmental impact by going digital.

🏢 Perfect for a Wide Range of Businesses:
Loyally is the ideal solution for businesses looking to inspire customer loyalty and increase sales across various industries. If your business thrives on repeat purchases and loyal customers, our platform can help you grow and succeed.
Whether you:

– Manage a restaurant or catering service
РRun a caf̩, deli, or bakery
– Operate a fitness center, gym, or yoga studio
– Own a beauty salon, spa, or dental clinic
– Sell apparel, accessories, or specialty retail items
– Provide pet services or veterinary care
– Own a consultancy or professional service firm
– Operate a computer, home, or office maintenance business
– Or run any other small to mid-size business

Loyally’s digital loyalty platform is designed to support and grow businesses like yours to reach new heights of success.

Get started with Loyally today and watch your business grow as you experience increased customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

Ready to transform your business?
Visit our website or contact our sales team to learn more and start your free trial today!

Tech Used:

Amazon Web Services, OpenAI

Top Features:

  • Digital Loyalty Cards: With 8 different types of digital cards, businesses can create customized loyalty programs to fit their specific needs.
  • Unlimited Push Notifications: Engage with customers through manual, automatic, customized auto-push, and location-based notifications.
  • Referral Sharing: Expand your customer base without additional advertising costs using the referral sharing feature.
  • Built-In CRM System: Easily segment customers for targeted messaging and personalized offers, improving customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Data Analytics and Automation: Make data-driven decisions to optimize business performance and customer engagement.
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